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Logic Environments, Utilities and Notes

This page provides download links to some useful Logic environments and utilities I have made, and links to discussion of Logic concepts, problems and workarounds. The environments were built and tested in Logic Platinum, and require Logic Pro, Gold or Platinum to use (Logic Express/Audio/Silver might work, might not, depending on the particular environment objects used). Stuffit Expander is required to decompress .sit files (Mac/Win, free from

I am no longer actively involved in the Logic community, and I do not offer support of any kind for any of the free Logic environments or discussions below. Use at your own risk.

LogicAutosave — This AppleScript application provides a simple auto-save mechanism for Logic on Mac OS X. Run the app, set the autosave interval, leave the app running — it will tell Logic to save at the specified interval. Script by John Pitcairn & Thomas Preine, icon by Jonathan Christensen.

Control Surfaces preferences backup/restore script — This AppleScript provides a simple backup and restore mechanism for Logic's Control Surfaces Preferences file, allowing you to save and restore multiple different versions of the file. Useful when fooling around with customised Controller Assignments, as these unfortunately get reset upon a “rebuild defaults” command, which is often necessary for troubleshooting purposes. Put this script in your ~/Library/Scripts/ folder, and use Apple's “Install Script Menu” (see to add a "Scripts" menu to you main menubar (if it's not there already). Note that a Logic restart is necessary to reload a restored preferences file.

Sequence Stepper — This environment can record up to 128 notes (with velocity) from external MIDI input or by playing back a MIDI region on an Arrange track. Notes can then be played back one at a time in response to any trigger event from a MIDI keyboard, pad or pedal, etc. Playback does not depend on the sequencer transport running. Includes loop start/end points and configurable sustain mode (normal or legato).

Cycle Control — This macro provides a way to automatically turn Logic’s cycle mode on, cycle a user-defined number of times, then turn cycle off and continue. Requires IAC Bus loopback to control Logic's cycle MIDI Remote command from an Arrange MIDI control track.

Chord Recognizer — This macro contains two versions. Version 1 recognizes a manually specified three-note chord and outputs a single manually specified note in response, with note-off when the first chord note is released. Notes not in the chord may be passed through or blocked. Version 2 features a learn ability for up to 10-note chords, outputs a single manually specified note, with note-off when the last chord note is released. Passthrough options are off, all, chord, other. In both versions, the output note inherits the channel and velocity of the last-received note in the chord.

Hihat Helper

hihat_helper.lso.sit — This macro takes notes (all 128) and an assignable CC event as input. The assigned CC event switches between open and closed notes for hihat sounds, and plays a foot note, to (crudely) emulate a real hihat pedal with midi drumpads or similar. Each open note can remember its corresponding closed note and foot note/velocity, so you can freely switch among open hihat sounds at the pad, and the closed/foot notes will follow.

Yamaha TX81Z bank-change hack

tx81z_bank_hack.lso.sit — provides access to all 160 patches (banks I, A, B, C, D) and 24 performances (PF01-PF24) of the Yamaha TX81Z from standard midi bank/program change messages.

External/internal midi CCs to track automation

midi_track_auto.lso.sit — a simple example of an environment workaround for recording external (synth modwheel etc) or internal (environment faders) midi CCs to track automation for midi instruments.

Custom Track Mixer views

custom_trackmixer.lso.sit — an example of how to set up custom non-global Track Mixer views that are not dependent on the contents of the main Arrange window.

Note to Mute

note_to_mute.lso.sit — a simple macro for mapping midi notes to Audio Object mutes. Play the Audio track mutes from your keyboard...

Event Number Routers

event_routers.lso.sit — an example of how to construct an event number router in both simple 0-127 and MSB/LSB addressing-scheme versions. Useful in complex environments to avoid potential cable-limit problems (see below).

Subgroup Send Masters

sub_send_master.lso.sit — example setup for a linked subgroup send master. Each track in a subgroup can use an individual send to a bussed effect. Fading or muting the subgroup master bus will also fade/mute the effect send master for the individual tracks, without affecting the individual track send positions. Tracks outside the subgroup which also send to the same effect will be unaffected.

Multitrack Cycle-Record Take Sorting (updated for OS X) — Cycle recording for multitrack in Logic takes leaves things ordered by track, not by take. Rearranging so you can easily drag-select all tracks from take 1, take 2, etc for auditioning can be a long, boring, repetitive task. This OS X AppleScript macro automates sorting a multitrack cycle-recording so tracks are ordered by take. It also prefixes the tracknames with the take number, so they can be re-sorted at will. If you do much multitrack cycle recording, this is a considerable time and effort saver. The .zip file contains the AppleScript and a TextEdit RTF file with instructions.

LC Xmu
Logic/Mackie Control emulation and management for generic controllers.

LC Xview
Software display for hardware capable of emulating a Logic/Mackie Control.

Fadermapper Automation & Control Environment
for Logic Gold/Platinum 5.x only

Fadermapper is a full-featured environment to allow control and automation of Logic Gold/Platinum 5.x from any external hardware device capable of sending midi CC messages (synths, knob boxes, faderpacks, digital mixers, etc). Includes midi learn, memory, soft takeover and other features. Fadermapper is now free but unsupported. See for more detail.

The Environment cable limit problem — disappearing events

cable_limit.php — A discussion of the Logic Environment “cable limit” problem (which causes events in large environments to mysteriously disappear), and some strategies to avoid the problem.

Record offset in Logic

record_offset.php — A discussion of recording offset (misplacement) in Logic, and strategies to compensate where possible.

Undocumented Logic Control commands

lc_undocumented.php — Logic Control commands not documented in the current version of the manual (September 2003).

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