Hardware & software requirements

Universal Binary for Mac OS X

Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher running on a PowerPC or Intel CPUs is required — earlier Mac OS X versions are no longer supported. Mac OS 9 and Windows versions are not available.

Hardware MIDI controllers

Any Generic MIDI controller with at least 8 faders or knobs capable of sending CC messages with absolute values (0-127),


at least 20 two-state buttons capable of sending a separate note or CC message for button press and release (often called “momentary” button mode); or at least 20 midi keys; or any combination of 20 buttons/keys. You may be able to get by with fewer buttons or keys, but you might not have access to some core LC/MC functionality (depending on the host application). Up to four controllers of any type may be merged to emulate each single LC/MC, to provide sufficient controls.


Any of the following hardware MIDI controllers, for which LC Xmu provides a dedicated controller module offering predefined function mapping and extended features:

See controllers for a summary of each controller module’s capabilities.

Host applications

LC Xmu supports host applications capable of communicating with a Logic Control or Mackie control through a virtual CoreMIDI port. LC Xmu provides predefined host support for the following host applications:

Support for additional LC/MC-aware applications may be added by duplicating and editing the supplied host definitions, which are folders containg plain text files, located inside the LC Xmu application package.

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